06 May 2013

26 Weeks

how far along? 26 Weeks 4 days
how are you measuring?
Right on schedule- had an appointment last week and I was measuring perfectly!

size of baby? A head of lettuce
142 bpm
total weight gain/loss?
Gained about 2.8 pounds from last month.  Not too bad, but I think this next appointment on May 29 will say I've gained a little more.. i ate a whole package of oreas over the weekend. minus three that hubby ate.  oops!
maternity clothes?
Oh yes! 
stretch marks?
 No, and I am putting Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula on my stomach every night.
Not so great- I am having a time with sciatic back pain.  It's been hurting me all week and this week it got so bad I could hardly walk.  So every time i toss at night, i wake up in pain. :(  Any remedies for sciatic back pain, ladies?
best moment this week?
  Hearing Winslow's heartbeat, passing my glucose test, eating a package of oreos. ha!

movement? All day long. I LOVE IT!
food cravings?
Milk, oreos,
gender predictions?
A boy!
what i miss:
Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches

what i'm looking forward to: We have a 3d ultrasound in a couple weeks- I can't wait!
how are you feeling?
Back pain can go straight to hades.  I hope it gets better because I got three more months of cooking this little fella!

Dear Winslow,

I cannot believe I've never met you, but love you so much. From the moment I felt the very fist flutter in my stomach, I wanted to cry with joy.  I am so thankful and blessed that God is choosing me to be your mommy.  All day long you kick me, and I will tell you the truth, sometimes at night I get a little annoyed because you keep me up.  But that just means you're growing and healthy and I am so thankful for that.  I have been meaning to write you letters for a while, but every time I tried, my words got all jumbled up in my head. Even though you've been in my belly for almost 27 weeks, I feel like you have been with me forever.  I love being pregnant.  Daddy loves you too- he talks to you every single night and tells you what we've been up to.  The first song you heard was his choice "Stay All Night" by Willie Nelson.  Imagine that.  Daddy really wants you to grow up loving music and I think he's so cute when he sings to you.  Your little legs and arms will kick me when you hear his voice. It's like you know it's daddy.  

Let me just tell you, you are already one loved little boy.  I cannot wait until I get to meet you, count your little toes, smell your heavenly baby scent, and cuddle with you all day long.  I can't wait to introduce you to our sweet pup, Darla, and our fat orange cat Huey.  I wonder what they'll think of you.  I can't wait to tell you about Jesus.  That's my prayer for you now and forever- that you'll grow up loving Him more than anything in this world.  More than oreos and powedered donuts (because that's what you've been telling me to eat these past several weeks!)

 Oh, and for the record, I do eat apples and bananas a lot too.  Gotta make sure you're healthy!  As far as having a sweet tooth goes, if you're anything like mom AND dad, you'll not pass up a donut. hehe

You are growing great, says the doctor! I was a little worried because I had my glucose test where they take my blood (and mommy hates needles) but I was a big girl and didn't even flinch or pass out like last time!  We get to see your sweet little body in two weeks and I cannot wait.  

Keep on growing, little one.  But if you want, swim your way to the other side of my belly and get off my sciatic nerve.  ;)

I love you Winslow.  


Your mommy.

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