09 April 2013

Spring is here.

This post will not have much writing...just photos.  I spent the weekend planting flowers, fixing up the yard, and getting the deck ready for entertaining.  Enjoy!

 This pup was with me wherever I went.
 Hubby and papa building my raised garden boxes. I cannot wait to plant lots of great veggies soon!
 Last night we used our new grill for the first time.  It was DELICIOUS! I love grilling out.
 We are going to get a patio set soon, and we are going to power wash and treat the deck. It needs it badly, as you can tell. 

 When we moved in, there was NO grass at all back here...at least there is some now, even if it is patchy, right? 
 My garden boxes waiting to be filled!

 Yes I repainted my front door...for the third time. Ha! 

 Herbs (chives, parsley, cilantro, and basil!)
 Fire pit

I love Spring!



  1. I love your precious house! So pretty!

  2. Love the porch swing, I've only ever seen them in movies :)

  3. i love love love all your pictures. you do such a great job decorating and landscaping.