07 April 2013

22 Weeks

how far along? 22 Weeks
how are you measuring? Right on schedule
size of baby? A papaya!
heartbeat? 154 bpm
total weight gain/loss? Gained five pounds from my last appointment!  FINALLY gaining weight- however, I did have to pee REALLY bad, and I had on pretty heavy shoes...so maybe that counts for a pound..?  My home scale says I've only gained 3 pounds..
maternity clothes? Oh yes! 
stretch marks? No
sleep? I've been sleeping pretty well. I still miss sleeping on my stomach, but I've gotten used to it.
best moment this week?  I spent ALL day Saturday and today planting flowers and fixing up our yard.  I spent like two hours buying flowers at the Farmer's Market.  I will post soon what our yard is like now.  I have peonies, jasmine vines, rose bushes, a gardenia bush.. I am proud! :)
movement? All day long. I LOVE IT!
food cravings? Thankfully my sour candy obsession is gone.  I know my dentist is going to HATE me when I have my check up. I still eat a bagel every morning for breakfast and I still want Subway every day.
gender predictions? A boy! I was going to share names a while ago, but we have gone back and forth on if that will be it, so we're waiting a little while longer to let it sit and see if we still like it.
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, turkey sandwiches, and I got a small craving for sushi last week...
what i'm looking forward to: Painting the nursery (Honey, get on it!)
how are you feeling? Feeling great! Pregnancy is awesome- I am loving it. 

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