31 March 2013

21 Weeks

how far along?  21 Weeks 3 days
how are you measuring? I have an appointment on Wednesday so I'll know more then.
size of baby? A banana!
heartbeat? 154 bpm
total weight gain/loss? We went on vacation to Florida (where I had this picture taken) and I ate a lot.. :)  I think I gained two pounds. So my total weight gain is around 4 pounds.
maternity clothes? Yes.
stretch marks? No
sleep?  I sleep with a pillow between my knees and it's been helping me sleep.  I still wake up to use the bathroom and am extremely thirsty so I gulp down a glass of water. I have the craziest dreams though...
best moment this week? Spending the week in Florida, installing the backsplash in our kitchen, feeling Baby Jones kick like crazy!
movement? Yes! A lot at night, and some during the day.  One night this week he had a PARTY- he was kicking and punching me like crazy. I love it!
food cravings? Sour Candy, chocolate milk,.
gender predictions? Boy!
what i miss: I really love being pregnant..the only thing I really miss is a cold turkey sandwich.
what i'm looking forward to: Painting the nursery! Deciding on a name for Baby, and warm weather so I can start my garden!
how are you feeling? Great! I am not tired, no sickness...life is good.

A post about our babymoon is in the works- stay tuned!


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