10 March 2013

18 Weeks!

how far along? 18 Weeks 3 Days
how are you measuring? 2 days ahead at my last appointment.
size of baby? A sweet potato
heartbeat? 153...we got to hear the heartbeat for the first time last week!!!  It was the best sound in the world. 
total weight gain/loss? +1 pound...I am happy about that, but I asked my doc if that was normal because I wanted to make sure baby was getting enough nutrients and such and he said it was normal and not to worry!  (I'll prolly gain like 60 pound the 2nd half of my pregnancy!) haha
maternity clothes? Yes please! Still wear regular dress pants with a bellyband and most of my maternity shirts are still too big but I do have a pair of jeans and one black pair of pants I love wearing. (Thanks to my cousin, Halley!)
stretch marks? No
sleep? Trying not to sleep on my back and sleeping on my side is annoying..but I don't really have a choice.  Sometimes a pillow between my knees helps, but I usually toss and turn all night long.
best moment this week? Shopping for our little boy- I've started on his nursery!! I am making his bedding and I have one more coat of paint to go for his changing table.  I love it!
movement? Little bitty itty flutters in my stomach if I'm laying down  at night or in the morning...it's just at random times.  I'm hoping in the next week or two I'll start to feel him more! Come on, baby boy, kick! ;)
food cravings? Sour candy, milk, and a Subway roasted chicken breast sandwhich with a WHOLE lot of pickles. (I ate it three times last week!) 
gender predictions? Baby boy!!! Will share his name in the next couple weeks!
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach,turkey sandwiches, and a margarita every now and then.
what i'm looking forward to: Buying his crib, starting on his bedding, and feeling him kick more!
how are you feeling? Feeling the best I've felt all pregnancy! Finally my energy is coming back.  Sleeping is still the best thing ever, but hubby tells me all the time "I'm so glad you're out of your 1st trimester!" haha

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