18 February 2013

Bathroom Update!

We moved into our house in September of last year.  One of the things we loved was the big master bathroom, however, I was not crazy about the HUMONGOUS mirror in there.  It was just too builder grade for me.

When my dad said he was coming to visit, I knew just the project for him!  Updating the bathroom. :)

Here's a before picture of the bathroom.
 (Don't mind the dog in the shower-haha!)

And here's my inspiration photo from Pinterest, of course.

I liked that the mirror was broken up by panels.  Let's see how mine turned out!

We originally had one light fixture above the center of the mirror, but I have always wanted two and thankfully my dad knows how to do all the electrical stuff.

Here's the updated version of our bathroom!:

Yes, my shower is dirty.  No, I really don't care that much to clean it right now.

Do you love it?  I wish you could see it in person.  It looks SO much better and custom now.

The total cost of the project?  $109 for the materials and $50 for both light fixtures.  For a total of around $160.  I think that's money well spent! I love the final product.

Got a few more house projects to complete, including the nursery, before baby Jones comes! Better get on it!



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