31 January 2013

13 weeks

 **Please excuse the tired pregnant lady face...also, don't you see that baby bump?  Is it supposed to be that pronounced at 13 weeks? Sheesh..I wonder how huge I will be ten weeks from now**

how far along?  13 weeks
how are you measuring? Right on schedule
size of baby? A peach!
heartbeat? 170 bpm...maybe it's a girl!
total weight gain/loss? Still under my pre-pregnancy weight, but the good news is I am not losing anymore!
maternity clothes? Alright...I don't have a whole lot of maternity clothes but I am wearing a Beband (from Target) that slips over the button of my pants so I don't have to button them.  I still can button them, but it's not comfortable at all. I'm telling you...This bump is growing and I am surprised at the rate of growth. 
stretch marks? No
sleep? Sleeping okay...I do have to get up in the middle of the night to pee.  And that get's on my NERVES!  I have never had to do that until now.  I have started sleeping with a pillow between my legs to help me fall asleep.
best moment this week? Officially getting to my 2nd trimester, bowling with friends, not getting sick a lot
movement? I'm not feeling anything yet.
food cravings? bagels, milk, candy...and still taco bell. BUT I resisted the urge and ate a salad and an apple for lunch today. 
gender predictions? I have a feeling it's going to be a girl.
what i miss: Sleeping on my stomach, feeling 100% normal, and turkey sandwiches.
what i'm looking forward to: Booking our babymoon! We are in the last stages of deciding where to go...I am so excited!
how are you feeling? Still on the upside as far as nausea goes...I do still get sick sometimes, but usually eating something helps..  I have been getting sick at night now, that's not fun...but it could always be worse.  


  1. Awww....love the polka dots on the baby bump! The little taco is growing :)

  2. You are looking great! I hear you on the morning sickness...I really suffered from that for a long time. I think having something on your stomach really helps--and for me it was all about not letting my blood sugar get low. Orange juice ironically made me sick so it wasn't a good choice. I'm excited for you to find out gender soon and book your babymoon! :)