15 January 2013

12 Weeks

  I have a tiny bump!! (I think it's due to the fact that I just ate dinner and that shirt makes it look bigger...but I'm calling it a baby bump anyway!)
how far along?  12 weeks today!
how are you measuring? I don't have another appointment until the end of the month but I assume I am measuring on schedule...
size of baby? A passion fruit..don't really know what that is...oh well
heartbeat? 143 bpm- at my 8 week appointment
total weight gain/loss? Still under my pre-pregnancy weight, but the good news is I am not losing anymore!
maternity clothes? I'm still wearing my normal clothes and they fit just fine!!
stretch marks? No
sleep? Sleeping okay...I miss sleeping on my stomach so bad though.  
best moment this week? My mom is visiting and it's been wonderful!! She has been cleaning and cooking for me and even helping me with some projects around the house!
movement? I'm not feeling anything yet.
food cravings? Beans, Dr. Pepper...and of course, Taco Bell.
gender predictions? I have a feeling it's going to be a girl.
what i miss: Having energy...
what i'm looking forward to: Being out of the first trimester!  I hope the 2nd is a little nicer to me than the 1st has been!
how are you feeling? Praise the Lord, I have only been sick twice this week. (That's a good improvement!)  So...I don't want to jinx myself, but I hope this morning/all day sickness is going away. 


  1. That is definitely enough to qualify as a baby bump! So cute! Hopefully you continue to be on the up and up and feel better!

  2. SO exciting! Pregnancy is such a special time! Glad you're feeling better, my morning sickness started to subside about week 12 too! You look great, enjoy this time!

  3. Yeah!!!You look beautiful! I am also stomach sleeper, that part is so hard for me.We are thinking of you and Seth and what an exciting time this is. Your sweet family is in our prayers!

  4. I know three people all due within a month of each other! And that is definitely a bump! You're so cute! :)