13 January 2013

11 weeks

how far along?  11 weeks (really almost 12 now, but I'll do a 12 week update in a couple days)
how are you measuring? I don't have another appointment until the end of the month but I assume I am measuring on schedule...
size of baby? A large plum
heartbeat? 143 bpm- at my 8 weeks appointment
total weight gain/loss? Still losing weight...  :(  Total weight loss is around 10 pounds.  I've NEVER said this in my life, but I am ready to gain weight!
maternity clothes? I'm still wearing my normal clothes and they fit just fine!! Most of them are actually a little big on me.
stretch marks? No
sleep? Sleeping okay...just having some pretty crazy dreams that wake me up a lot! And I am just tired all the time...I usually sleep past my alarm and only have like 15 minutes to get to work!
best moment this week? My mom coming to visit and cooking me dinner and bringing me some baby stuff! She brought me the bassinet that she used with me and my brothers and I am planning on using it for baby.  She also brought me a few handmade blankets my great grandmother made-so special!
movement? I'm not feeling anything yet.
food cravings? Taco Bell....double decker taco and pintos and cheese.  And I had to make a run to the store for one ingredient to make buffalo chicken dip.  I wanted some so bad and it was soooo good.  Then I had to throw it out the next day because the smell made me sick. Oh, and Starburst and Runts!
gender predictions? I have a feeling it's going to be a girl.  But I think that's because I already have girl names and nursery ideas picked out. haha!
what i miss: turkey sandwiches, sleeping on my stomach, feeling good (morning sickness has hit me hard!),having energy
what i'm looking forward to: No more morning sickness (please let it go away after the 1st trimester!) and getting a little bump!
how are you feeling? Still pretty sick, but so thankful for the sweet baby in my belly.  

Here is a photo that hubby snapped of me while in the store to get buffalo chicken dip.  I was so embarrassed that he put this on facbeook, but then we just laughed about it.

Cut off sweatpants, black and white cheetah print socks, and cheetah print flats.  Classy, right?  haha!  

I'll start taking bump pictures next week!  




  1. Hey Kait, I don't know you guys but I just wanted to say congrats and all the best!! I have signed up to your blog and I'm loving reading your updates.

    I'm trying for own little miracle just now but it's not happening yet so I love to to read that others are progressing and doing well.

    Love the outfit, you might start a trend ;)

    Look after yourself xx

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