11 November 2012

Our Kitchen

We've now been living in our new home for just over two months.  

During that time, I've been working extremely hard to get my house in order and uncluttered.  To be honest, I had every box unpacked within three weeks of moving in (except seasonal decor) but have been tweaking and moving things around since then. Go me!

Funny how that works though...now that I own my home, I have a list of projects that keeps getting longer.  But I love it.  :)  

So, today you'll get a look into our kitchen/dining room. Is it finished? No.  Will it ever be "finished?" That's debatable.  But for now, I am happy.  And I hope you enjoy. 

Here's one before photo of our house before we moved in:


 And here's our kitchen today:

This is the farmhouse table my grandpa and I made. I got the chairs from Goodwill (didn't pay more than $30 for all of them combined!)  and I spraypainted them my favorite color from Rustoeleum "Heirloom White". 

A kitchen's not complete without a pup. ;)

The barstools were a gift from my aunt (Thanks Aunt Neecie!!)  And they were red.  I painted them a lovely mint green color from Sherwin Williams.  It's called Cool Cucumber.

(Don't mind the pile of laundry in the chair...pretend you didn't see it)
This antique buffet is from my mom.  The branches are going to be "Our Thankful Tree" which you can read more about on Emily's blog, Jones Design Company.  Just haven't gotten around to hanging our tags on the tree yet. 

We got really lucky when we bought our house.  It didn't have many cosmetic issues at all.  I have ALWAYS dreamed of a kitchen with white cabinets..and I was fully prepared to paint them if they were not white.  But I didn't have to do that here.  The only thing we had to do when we moved in was paint the walls, and that wasn't even necessary.  It was just our choice.  The wall color is Valspar but I color matched it to Sherwin Williams' Beach House.  I LOVE THE COLOR.  I painted our whole downstairs in this color (except for our bedroom and bathroom).  And just for fun, here are a few future projects I have up my sleeve. Honey, get ready!

On to the next project! 

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