26 November 2012


I am so excited it's Christmastime-I almost can't stand it! 

I've been listening to Christmas music since Halloween...yes, I am THAT girl.

It's especially fun when you have a new decorating palate...like a house!  I still have a few things to do outside..but inside it more fun anyway.

We'll hang lights this weekend...

Enjoy our Christmas-filled home!

And here are a few special ornaments that I love:

1. Penny's paw print.  I sure miss her. ;(
 Every year, my girlfriends and I do an ornament exchange and this is what my friend Elizabeth made for me last year! I love it!
 And we hafta represent those Aggies! ;)

Also, hubby and I do an ornament exchange on December 1 and a couple years ago he got me this picnic backet ornament.  When he proposed to me, we were on a picnic...And I am obsessed with picnics.  So sweet, right?
And i'll leave you with one more photo from Instagram...Darla looks SO happy to be a reindeer.



  1. I love your style! It's like a semi-modern country Christmas! So cute and your new house is beautiful! My pups say hi to Darla!

  2. Love your decorating...comfy and warm :)

  3. Love all your ornaments and decorations! I am so jealous, I can't wait until we have a house and are in one place long enough to decorate.


  4. I LOVE your house!! Your fireplace is my favorite :)