11 November 2012

A small note of thanks...

Today is Veteran's Day.  It is one of the most important holidays, in my opinion, because it's our chance to say THANK YOU for all of the men and women who have fought and are fighting four our freedom.


Shutterfly is doing something so wonderful and I want to share it with you.  If you go to their facebook page, you can make a card for the troops who are serving and they will print it out and mail it to them.  AT NOT COST TO YOU!  What a great way to show our troops how much we appreciate them.  I know some troops may not ever get a "Thank You" or "I appreciate your service" and this is such a great and easy way to say that.

There is still time to send a card!  Go here to send one. 

Thank you, men and women, who are fighting for our country.  It is because of you, that we are free. 

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