28 October 2012

In our new house...

Lots has happened in the Jones household!

My boss quit at work very unexpectedly and so I've been working extra hours doing her job.  Let me tell you, that's NOT easy.  The first week she was gone, I would come home from work, eat a hotdog for dinner, and go to bed! I was that tired.

Now that I've gotten used to the extra workload (and they've hired someone to replace her, PTL!) I hope to post more often.  I've missed this creative outlet for myself.  And plus, I gotta keep up with what's going on.  This is my way of telling our story and I don't want to let myself or my future kiddos down when they read this in ten years (at least that's what I *hope* will happen).  ;)

Usually when the first inkling of fall weather hits, I break out the pumpkins, fall scented candles, and burlap...but this year with us moving in September and having a lot on my plate at work, I've not blogged about it! Shame on me!

I had this itch to get everything done in our new house...and we've only been here a month and a half! I have to remember it's a process and that not everything has to be done by Christmas. But I will say I've been working extremely hard to make it homey.  One of my friends gave me a huge compliment last weekend- she said "Man, it looks like you've been here for years!"  YAY!!  I love having a home that looks lived in.


I snapped a few quick photos with my iphone and I know the quality is not that great, but let's face it: it's a HECK of a lot easier than getting out my camera.

::sigh::  I love fall.  The pumpkins, the oranges, yellows, and reds..the smells..  I wish it would be fall all year around.  Well okay, not really.  I love Christmas more.  And Spring.

Here is a photo dump of the past few weeks with our new pup, Darla. 
Let me just say she is the SWEETEST dog we've ever had (Penny was just as sweet in her own way)

She is constantly learning new things and is so stinkin' smart!  She has not once had an accident inside, and when someone comes up to the door, she barks-i love that. hehe!

I had blocked her in the kitchen because this was when she still had a few fleas and I did NOT want them getting in the living room...like that was really helping...but she was trying to get out and it was adorable.

 Anytime I'm on my computer and not paying attention to her, she'll put her paw up on the couch.  Makes me melt!

 On an unrelated note,  we went and saw Scotty McCreery in concert a couple weeks ago.  It was wonderful.  If you didn't know- I have a major celeb crush on him.  He used to live a couple blocks down from our rental house and I would see him around town.  I even asked him to sing me a song once..he just laughed and said "next time." :)

 And this past weekend, we had a handful of friends over.  It made me SO super happy that we fit TEN adults around my farmhouse table...seriously made me so joyful.

I can't wait to fill it up with kiddos one day.  Maybe not ten...but several. 

 Hope your weekend was fabulous!  I'm hoping to post photos of our kitchen and the rest of our dining room this week.




  1. I loveeee your house. It looks so southern and comfy. And Darla is just PRECIOUS! :)

  2. I'm not sure if I feel motivated or depressed...we moved into our new house the same time you did and ours does not look near as put together as yours. Yours looks beautiful! Good job

  3. Your new house looks so great! You have such an eye for decorating! That last picture is the very best. There is just nothing better than friends getting together with a good meal!

  4. I LOVE your house! I hope that when Nathan and I get our first house I can get it to look as homey as yours :)