05 September 2012

Out sweet Penny girl...

So friends, we moved in last weekend to our FIRST home and we are loving it!! I have already painted the front door, started on our bedroom and got a long list of projects for our new home! I am so excited.

Our move was such a bittersweet time though. We had to say goodbye to our precious golden retriever, Penny.

Her eating habits had changed about a week before we moved and she would go through times where she would eat and them times where she would not eat. Well we got really worried about her when she started getting weaker and weaker. She was twelve, which is the average lifespan for a golden so we knew that her time could be any day.

Well we took her to the ER, and she was diagnosed with very aggressive leukemia. She had only 3-6 weeks to live at most, IF she had a blood transfusion and chemotherapy once a week.

We then had to make the hardest decision of our marriage; to put her down so she would no longer suffer.

It's hard losing a pet, y'all. She was our baby. She would go to the grocery store with me, go garage selling on the weekends, she went to the beach with us, to Texas (20 hrs in the car!) I mean she went everywhere!

We miss her so much.

On a lighter note, I plan to have a whole slew of projects in the upcoming weeks! The first one is out front door makeover! I painted my front door a really fun color and can't wait to share it!

Hopefully we will have Internet at our home soon!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. So sorry to hear about Miss Penny Lane! I always loved her name, and she seemed like a sweetie. Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. I am soo sorry for you loss! Losing your best friend is not easy! Hang in there!

    Congrats on your new place as well ;)

  3. So sorry about your pup, Kait. Dogs definitely find a way into your heart, don't they? I'll keep you in my prayers. :)

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Just know that you guys gave Penny an amazing life for her last two years. If I'm remembering correctly, you rescued her, right? She went to heaven a happy pup who knew how truly loved she was. You did that for her.