26 September 2012

DIY Roman Shades

I've decided that Pinterest is a necessity if you are planning a wedding or if you just bought a house.

Am I right?

Where was Pinterest when I got married?

But since we close on our home earlier this month, I've gotten so many great ideas for DIY projects.
One of them is some roman shades I just made for our dining room.

Take a look:

These are taken with my iphone so the quality is not awesome..but you get the idea. :) If I could do it over though, I would have widened the sides a little to cover more of the door and not just the window but that's as wide as the fabric  was that I bought.

I am so happy with the outcome though.

Want to make some yourself?

  I  used this tutorial.

Happy Wednesday!

More DIY projects coming soon and a pumpkin recipe!



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