09 September 2012

And so it begins...

It's time for me to begin the wonderful process of fixing up our first home!  Although it was a foreclosure, it was in pretty great condition and only needed a good cleaning throughout. 

Two days after we moved in, we went to Lowe's.  Man that place is like a homeowners dream..we spent three hours in there. NO JOKE.  3 hours, and we came out with a cart full!

AND I've already taken an hour long bath in the lovely soaker tub. 

AND I've already re-painted the front door (and the living room, but that's for another day!)

I went back and forth on the color for the front door. I love a traditional red front door because it's so welcoming but I also wanted something different.

SO...what color did I choose?

Sherwin Williams Holiday Turquoise!  I LOVE the color  (they no longer have it on the floor, but you can ask for it and they'll mix it for you).

Introducing our front door:

I am really happy with the way it turned out.  It's definitely untraditional and fun!  I think it's a great color and the good thing is, if I do get tired of it, it's such an easy change. I literaly painted our front door before work one day. It took like fifteen minutes!

The door beforehand was actually a faded red/orange color...it looks a lot brighter than it was.  

What do you think??  It's welcoming and unique at the same time.  Here's what it looks like from the road:

Hope y'all have a great Monday!


P.S. In case you're wondering, the doormat is from Ross for $6.50!


  1. love it! :) and the door matches your chairs! cant wait to see more!

  2. It looks awesome Kaitlin! I am so impressed! Makes me want to paint my door!!