10 July 2012

Our Trip to Texas Part II

The last half of our trip was spent in Austin, Texas.  We drove from the lake in Oklahoma to Austin with my brother. 

I'm telling you, If someone told me today that I had to pack up and move in 24 hours, my destination would be Austin, Texas.

That city is so full of fun things, great food, and wonderful experiences.  There is always something to do, and more importantly I have some wonderful family who live there.

We got to spend most of our time with my sweet cousin, Halley and her little family.  She is expecting her second baby boy in October and they are also in the middle of a BIG reno (that may or may not be on TV in the fall!) and it was fun to see the progress.

We spent the day at Lake Austin with them and I got up on the wake board on my first try! I was excited. :)

Perhaps the highlight of my day was when we ran out of gas and the boys pulled our boat with a rope to shore.  No joke...it was so funny!  Thankfully after a few minutes of swimming, another boat towed us the rest of the way. 
We also went the Barton Springs pool and it was freezing cold.  Refreshing in a way, though.

We finished up our time going to a few places on sixth street/downtown Austin and then flew back..It was not near enough time to spend in Austin.  Maybe one day we can retire on a 15 million dollar home on the lake there...  I can dream. :)

In other news,  remember the garden that Penny dug up?

 It's doing quite well now.

I think it's safe to say I have a green thumb! YAY!

 I made some homemade bruschetta with the tomatoes, basil, parsley, and oregano from my garden.  You just can't beat fresh veggies like that.

And lastly, I am going to have a line up of some DIY projects/furniture makeovers I've recently done..so don't go far.  They're gonna be fun!  :)  



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  1. OMG that Bruschetta looks amazing! And AHHH okay I'm totally a lover of a tennis boy too! He plays here (well played, 5th year senior) at my college and he is planning on heading out for law school soon! So happy I found your blog!