05 July 2012

I hope you didn't hold your breath while I was gone...

Well well well...

I have returned!  Man, I didn't plan on taking that long of a break from the good ol blog, but I guess life has just been busy!

Lots has happened since the last time I posted.  Let's see if I can even remember it all!  (That's the worst part about not blogging...I don't want to forget any big events/memories that I need to document on here!)

We just returned from a week long vacation to Texas.  We split up our time between Northeast Texas and Austin.  It was wonderful.  I'll have to post some photos later about our time.

Today we celebrated July Forth with my in-laws and then went to downtown Raleigh for the fireworks display show.  Didn't see much because some tall buildings were blocking the view, but that's okay.  We enjoyed time with our friends.  :)

I promise to update about what's been going in the Jones' household...don't forget about me!

We have had some big changes in our little life over the past few weeks..i'm excited to share them soon.

Stay tuned!


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