11 May 2012

Our Front Porch.

Happy Friday, friends!

I'm telling you, the days are flying by here! Work is hard, but life is good.  :)

I am here to share my front porch with y'all today...I think I've finally finished "decorating" and even though I could spend a whole lot more on lovely flowers and such, I am really happy with our porch. 

Welcome to our porch!

 So, there used to be a big shrub where the pink hydrangea is now, but I dug it up and moved it to the back yard.  I saw that hydrangea on sale and it somehow ended up in my cart!

 In my window boxes are impatiens.  They are super easy to grow and LOVE the shade.
 Begonias and more impatiens.

 The owl planter is from Hobby Lobby.  Unfortunately there is no drain holes in the bottom, so that's why I have the flowers planted in a different pot.
 I made this initial hanger with wood plaques from Michael's, the chain and decorative hanger (I can't remember the real name of that thing) is from Lowe's. 
 I spray painted the chairs that I got from a garage sell and they look so much better!

 One of my most favorite things to do is sit on the porch while it rains and just relax.  I love the sound of rain.  Check out this photo of it pouring down rain while it's sunshiney outside!  How cool is that?
And that's our front porch! 

We love our little home.

Happy Happy Friday!



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  1. I love your chairs and that "Howdy" pillow so much! Great colors.