29 May 2012

Since Tuesday was a Monday, why can't Wednesday be a Friday?

Man oh Man..all day today even after I got off work, I kept thinking it was Monday!

I'm glad it's not because that means one more day closer to Friday, but it still throws me off when I have a Monday off from work.

We had such a great long weekend with our family and enjoying the sunshine.

Friday night, we had our first dance lesson!  For Valentine's Day, hubby gave me dance lessons and we decided to learn how to swing dance.  We LOVED it and have another lesson next week!  Maybe one day soon I will snap a photo or two.. ;)

Saturday we slept in (praise the Lord!) and then worked in the yard all day. It was wonderful.  There are not many things I enjoy more than mowing the yard.  Yes, I understand that makes me strange.  So, we mowed, edged, and power washed the driveway.  And I admired my hydrangea that is blooming beautifully.

Also I found some birds eggs in my fern plant! So excited- I can't wait to see them hatch. 
Here's a glimpse into our weekend via Instagram:
MY FIRST TOMATO FROM THE GARDEN!!! If you can't tell, I am excited.  (I wasn't sure anything would grow...)  :)
I found this Chevron dress from Ross for...wait for it... $7.99!  I love it!  
We went to Bonefish Grill for an early birthday dinner for me.  (My birthday is on Thursday!)  It was delcious. 
My lovely sister-in-law who will be spending the summer in Chicago at Summer Project!

 And we also celebrated TWO years of marriage on Sunday.  Ahh..I love him.  It only gets better with each year. 

I'm pretty sure this cat has some human in him.  I mean have you ever seen a cat who sleeps on his back like this?  He's crazy, I tell ya.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well-  it's already halfway to Friday! YAY!



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