03 April 2012

Spring Pillows.

I finally got out my sewing machine this past weekend and got to work on some pillows that I have been wanting to make for quite some time.

Sadly, I don't have a tutorial, but if you get on youtube and search "how to make an envelope pillow cover" you will find some great tutorials. 

I love making pillows because they are easy, inexpensive, and can be changed out as often as you like.

Here's our couch with the old pillows. This was taken last summer.  I liked it, but just wanted a more cheerful and Springy feel:

 I love this fabric, but cannot remember what line it's from! :( I got it from here.
 I got this yellow fabric from Joann's about two years ago..it was under one dollar in the scrap pile!
 I love this pillow of our sweet Golden retriever.  I found a silhouette online of a golden, printed it out on regular paper, and used regular craft paint!  The fabric for the pillows is actually a canvas drop cloth from Lowes...around $3 bucks!
 The good Lord only knows how much I love ruffles....

How about you?  Do you decorate for Spring/ Summer with pillows or changable decor?  I would love to find a bright throw to add to the couch! Maybe yellow or blue.  Perhaps a trip to HomeGoods is in the works....

Have a Happy Tuesday!


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