23 April 2012

How to keep "unwanted visitors" out of your garden.

Good Morning, friends!  I am off to work in just a couple minutes but wanted to share a story right quick.

So...if you follow me on facebook, you know that I have had a small problem with my pup getting into my garden.  I planted a ton of veggies from seed several weeks ago and only some of them were growing.  The others...not so much.  Well, I was outside one day and my neighbor yells through the fence "you know your dog has been laying in your garden all day, right?"  


I didn't know that.  

And so that explains why my garden was looking flat. ha!

Well last week, I finally caught her.  

See below:

Bad Penny!  I gave her a little spanking in hopes that she won't do it again.  

That didn't work.

The next day I found her back in my garden.

I had to replant a lot of my veggies and this time I roped off the space with surveyor's tape...I REALLY hope she won't get in it!  

Any advice/tips on how to keep your pup from getting in your garden??  I know she just likes lying in the cool soil...she doesn't really intend to dig up the veggies..I don't think.

So tell me, how you do keep "unwanted visitors" out of you garden!?

On a side note, look how GORGEOUS these flowers are! They came fresh picked from the Farmer's Market.  LOVE THEM!

Happy Monday!

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