02 April 2012

I might have a green thumb.

This past weekend I spent more time outside than I did inside.

Didn't cook one time. (We ate pizza, leftovers, and hotdogs..ha!)

I made a trip to Lowe's...and they happened to have a whole bunch of flowers 50% off...and i couldn't resist!  I also finished planting my garden!  My sweet hubby and grandfather built the raised bed.  I am hoping and praying that we get some great veggies this summer! 

I planted:

1. Jalepeno peppers
2. Bell peppers
3. Potatoes

I still need to get some cucumbers and I will all fixed up! ( I wish I could have planted a bigger garden, but since this is my first one, I decided to start small)

 A friend told me if you plant marigolds in the garden, it will keep insects and other pests away because they don't like the smell!  Such a good tip for gardeners!
 And there's my herb garden!

 I also found this little fellow-he is so pretty!

So I had so many limbs, leaves, and foliage from the winter in my flowerbeds and front yard. It took me like 15 wheel barrel trips to the dump pile (a huge leave/limb pile in the woods of our backyard).  Finally I got it all cleared out and I was ready to work in the beds!  I bought a gorgeous hydrangea from Lowe's and planted it in between two shrubs in front of the porch.  I really hope it does okay there and the shrubs don't bully it.  We will see!

I found these concrete planters halfway buried in our backyard so I dug them up and gave those babies a nice coat of black spraypaint.  They look good as new now!

 Planted impatiens and marigolds in the tiered planter I made last Spring.

 The filthy shoe station:
 And the dog laying station:
There you have it! My porch/front yard ready for Spring! I love all the flowers-it makes me so happy!

I just have to stay away from Lowe's now because I can't resist half off flowers! ;)

And while I was slaving outside all weekend, Mr. Huey Cat was inside living the hard life:

That's one spoiled cat.

Happy Monday!


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  1. I loved your blogpost! I am currently trying to spruce up my balcony by adding some plants and loved seeing your garden. I hope you will have lots of veggies! That tiered pot looks great, how do you make one of those since it might be great for my balcony? Do you just place the pots on the soil or do you have to put something underneath them to support them? Hugs, Hanneke