08 April 2012

A crazy week and the Gospel.


This past week was one of the most crazy weeks I've ever had.  And the most scary.

I haven't blogged all week because I just didn't know how to put into words what happened...I needed a few days to let me gather my thoughts and so now I am ready to talk about it.

The bank I work at got robbed on Wednesday.

It was one of the most scary moments I've ever experienced.  My life was literally in someone else's hands (even though it was for a short time).  I had so much anger, sadness, guilt, and fear inside of me.

I was furious because he did that to us. He threatened us just for a few hundred dollars.
I was sad because my co-worker was the one who got robbed.  I just stood there and couldn't do anything.
I was guilty because I thought there was something else I could have done to make him not rob us.
I was fearful because he said he had a gun. He could have shot us.. (Praise the Lord that no one was hurt!)

Here's the story in a nutshell so you can understand it a little more.

It could have been a lot worse.  He could have come inside and fired shots or held us hostage.  Instead, he just passed a note to the teller beside me that said something along the lines of "I have a gun and will shoot if you do not give me your money."  I  was helping a customer when this happened, but saw the note when he passed it to her and so I knew about it when it was happening. 

Those were the longest seconds of my entire life. I wanted to pass out, to crawl under my desk, to disappear.  But all I could do was stand there and pray while the customer in front of me was clueless as to what was going on. She had no idea.

When he left the building, I have never been more thankful.  I was so glad we were safe, but that still didn't heal the fear I had inside me.

The next five hours were a blur.  The police showed up, I got interviewed multiple times, had to fill out a robber report about what he looked like, and the crime scene investigators fingerprinted the whole building.

I guess he wasn't happy with the amount of money he got from our bank, so the very next day he robbed another bank down the road.  Within a few hours, he was caught.

I do sleep a little better at night knowing he is caught, but his face still haunts me a little.

Yep..so this past week was a little crazy....

I  was telling hubby when I got home that night that the robber needed Jesus.  I prayed that he would find other ways to get money, that somehow he would find the Savior that I have.

But you know what?  I realized that I am just as much a sinner as he is.  My heart is just as ugly as his, but in a different way.

We all sin.  I was getting so angry at him and telling Seth "He needs Jesus" or "I hope he stays in jail until he dies"...but really I should be praying he finds the Truth. The truth that can set him free from what he is doing.  The freedom that comes with finding your identity in Christ.

I need the Gospel just as much as he does.  And because Jesus rose from the dead, I am now cleansed from my ugly heart.

I need Jesus every day. It's so easy for my ugly heart to get in the way and think "Oh gosh, look at her. She needs Jesus." or "I can't believe he would do something like that."

I am just as much a sinner as they are!  But because of the blood of Jesus, my sins are washed away.  I can boast in Christ because he saved my soul.

I need a daily reminder of that.  


  1. Absolutely. I'm really sorry you went through this. But just think, through it God brought you to a new kind of understanding about Him and the rest of us. I hope Hebrings you and your coworker more peace soon!

  2. This is so scary! One of my good friends used to work at a bank, and she was also robbed! The robber did the same thing - passed her a note, and she had to clear out her till. How terrifying. I would have started crying and passed out! Shouldn't banks have like a 9-1-1, I'm opening the till bc i'm getting robbed button!? SO SAD! I hope you are okay, and can find some comfort.

  3. Wow that sounds so scary! I can understand how you had to take some time to deal with this. I am happy that you found a way to cope. Hugs, Hanneke