16 March 2012

A look into my week!

I am glad it's Friday...i think i am always glad when Friday comes, to be honest.  This week is no different..I have big plans for the weekend!  I am starting my very first garden!  I can't wait to learn and experience my own home grown veggies.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!  I already have my seeds too. 

The warm evenings have me craving a nice fresh salad!  My favorite one includes walnuts, fresh strawberries, feta cheese, and either poppyseed or raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  YUMMY! 
We also did a lot of front porch sitting, which was wonderful.  When I got off work around 6pm, I would come home, change into lounge clothes, grad a sweet tea and enjoy the beautiful weather with my hubby and of course..sweet Penny girl.   Look at that face!
See?  I told you the weather has been beautiful! Look at this gorgeous photo I took:

Poor Huey cat wanted to go outside and enjoy the weather...but he is an inside cat because we don't have a yard for him to stay in.  He would crawl through the fence...maybe one day, Huey!
We also got some fun colored lights for our screened in porch...we plan on having lots of summer parties.  These will come in handy to help with the redneck ambiance. ;)
And lastly, to kick off a great weekend, I came home to a CLEAN house.  Hubby cleaned the whole thing. I was so thankful and it was so nice of him to do that for me! 

I hope your week has been great and that you have an even better weekend!




  1. Love poppyseed dressing, love Penny and love the porch lights. I think we might put some lights around our deck, too.

  2. I need to get some Feta....yum. Glad to see you getting your hands in the dirt! I miss that sometimes...for now, traveling is wonderful!