23 March 2012


Happy Friday, everyone!!  I hope y'all have some big plans for the weekend!  I sure do! I am going to see the Hungar Games tonight, doing a little shopping with my lovely sis-in-law tomorrow, hopefully finishing up my garden, and spending quality time with friends and family.  
Here's a quick look at my week via Instagram!

1. I found these lovely wedges at the thrift store for $3.00.  The tags were still on them too!  
2. On the first day of Spring, God decided to put a gorgeous rainbow in the sky.  It was SO beautiful and a great reminder of His promises to us! 

 God is so creative and rainbows are one of my favorite things ever.
3. I had a good laugh when we went to Home Depot to get some lumbar for our raised garden...hubby didn't know the differece between treated and non treated wood and I had to explain it to him.  The woman who was helping us asked Seth "is this your first project?" hehe...
4. And look how handsome he is!  Sometimes a suit is mandatory in law school...and when it is, I love taking his photo because he is so cute! ;) 
5. Wow! That hair is out of control.
6. I made a cookie in a mug- has anyone else tried it?  It's surprisingly better than I thought!  Find the recipe here. 
7. And finally, I did a little Spring decorating.  

Hope you have a wonderful weekend full of blessings!  




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  2. I thought the Hunger Games was excellent! I wasn't really sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised! Hope you enjoy it! LUV the deal you found on the shoes!!! so awesome! And your rainbow reminded me of the blog I just wrote, as well as a card I came across in the supermarket. It felt like God made it just for me-- speaking to me which makes the card even more cute and I wanted to share it as I hoped you might appreciate, it said Front: remember that after the rain is the rainbow, Inside: if I have to I'll come over and paint the darn thing on your ceiling! Hang in there!
    Thanks for your post always sweet and a cheerful time out for me :)