02 March 2012


Ahhh...Friday.  The best day of the week...well except this week.

I have to work ALL weekend in preparation for the big bank merger.  PNC Bank (based out of Pittsbourgh) has bought out the bank I currently work for (RBC Bank) and we have to install all of the new software and stuff for us to open as PNC on Monday...

fun stuff!


Here's my week via Instagram!  

I did a little crafting this week and made a bubble wreath from Burlap.  I like it, but just trying to decide what to add for the finishing touch...it's a tiny bit plain for Spring.
I seriously don't understand how this cat can be so cute.  Look at how cute she looks at me!  Although this photo makes my room look like a complete pigsty...it's not!  The clothes are clean..they just haven't gotten around to folding themselves yet.  Claire was hiding behind the laundry basket and would jump out every time I picked up a piece to fold. 
And then when I was finished, she hopped right inside and stared at me! AWW!
In other news, I got some new spectacles!  Kind of retro/hipster/fifties....and I like em! Let's see if I can get the courage to wear them in public now. ;)
I also got a new necklace! Well I didn't really get it..I made it over the weekend.  <3 it! 
And here's what I got to come home to this evening....the weather was absolutely goregous and hubby and Penny were outside on the porch.  

I believe this week was filled with lots of sweet moments.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband and great animals. :)

Happy Friday!  I am just hoping to get through the weekend with enough energy to work on Monday...ick, that shall be fun.  :(



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  1. Looks like lots of good moments :) I love your new glasses! Happy Friday!