20 March 2012

Happy Spring! {Our Spring Mantle}

I am so excited that Spring is here!

  It's my favorite time of year... fresh flowers, gardening, nice weather, more daylight, spring cleaning...what's not to love?  (Besides gobs of pollen)

I did a little decorating in the living room and it definitely brightens up the place!

 I made the pennants with scrapbook paper, hot glue, and twine.  Super easy!
 This brick is special because it has my hometown stamped on the front.
 Don't tulips remind you of a perfect Spring day?  They are one of my favorite flowers.
 Yay for Spring!  Who's with me? ;)

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  1. Ha Ha, looks like we copied one another!! I LOVE your window, and bunting, so spring! Is it okay to say I LOVE something, if it is so much like mine??? I'm not sure, but it isn't exactly like mine, just kinda, so yes, I LOVE it:).