11 March 2012

nice to meet you.

Hi!  My name is Kait. Nice to meet you.

You thought I had moved to the rainforest and lost all communication, didn't cha? 

I kind of felt that way, but I am still here!

Last week was extremely busy with work, hubby was on spring break, and I literally didn't have time to relax at all.  So, although I love you guys and my blog, it was put on the backburner.

I worked around 50 hours last week because of the bank merger at my work.  PNC Bank bought out RBC bank and so it was an emotionally and mentally draining week for me. 

I am back though and ready to take on another week of work- I feel pretty well rested (even though daylight savings time threw me way off) and I have some fun stuff lined up for the near future...including my first ever guest post!

Here's a little of what was going on this past week at the Jones' house:

As state earlier, hubby was on Spring Break from law school.  I got to come home from work to this. I loved it!  Too bad it only lasted one week.  :(

We love our new chalkboard wall, too.  He writes me notes on there, and I write chores and the weekly menu each week.  Glad I decided to paint it.
Oh...and can't forget the fur children! They got lots of attention. 
Friday night, we went on a much needed date night out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant..and I got a DELICIOUS peach margarita. It was divine.  
And this afternoon, we spent a giftcard we had to purchase some fun colored lights for our screened in porch!  We are planning on hosting lots of summer parties and couldn't wait to add some redneck fun to our porch. 

Hopefully this week will be much smoother...i have a couple new recipes I am trying out and plan to post them...along with some bedroom makeover ideas...   

Stay Tuned! 



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