06 February 2012

Those trashy TV shows and the superbowl.

So who watched the superbowl?  Or who just ate food and watched the commercials?  That would be me.  I didn't really watch much of the actual game, but I did enjoy the DELICIOUS food and the great company.  I didn't think there were that many great commercials, but here are my two favorites:

I loved this one.  The dog was so cute! 

And here is my second favorite:

This one was pretty funny too. 

What do you think?  Which was your favorite?

On another note..every Monday night, I waste 2 hours of my life watching The Bachelor but it's one of those things that I can't seem to get away from.  Even though I think it's not the way to find love, nor is it educational or that wholesome.. (I mean, one guy is dating 20 girls at once...)  I still plop my bootay on the couch from 8-10 to watch it. ha! 

And I know I'm not the only one out there....

Whose your favorite??

I have a tie between Kacie and Lindzi.  They are both so stinking cute and adorable.

And whose my least favorite??

Well....it would have to be Courtney:

I just don't like her. She isn't very nice and is a boy hogger.  ;)

ANYWAY...that's enough of trashy TV talk...I hope you had a good Monday!  Mine was super duper jam packed. Work was extremely busy and I didn't even have time to think about dinner when I got home from work..so Subway saved the day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more relaxed...Happy Tuesday!



  1. Completely agree with your Bachelor choices! Kacie B is SO cute and Courtney is SO terrible! What an interesting season!

  2. You link up for my bachelor recap ;) I agree with your choices too!

    In Canada we had crappy commercials!!

  3. Ugh, I love the Bachelor also. I hate how into it I get but it does seem to grab my attention. ABC did a fabulous job finding a show that capture the women of America. Love Kacie. She is definitely my favorite.

  4. I feel the same way about the Bachelor. And I love your picks, too. Not sure if you've heard of Reality Steve. Beware if you don't want to know, because he spills the beans on the whole season. So even though I know what will happen and who he sends home and who he chooses in the end, I still watch it.