17 February 2012


Who's ready for a LONG weekend? ME ME ME!! I don't even know what I am going to do with myself on Monday...but all i know is that I don't have to work.  

Praise. The. Lord.

So....I had a pretty eventful week.  Well not really...
But here is what I did DO: :)

1. I went to the eye doctor..and he dilated my eyes. and i looked like a sad puppy dog

2. I opened a jewelry store/salon out of the cupholder in my car. Anyone need to go shopping?  Just hop in and I will be your taxi driver and sell you some jewelry! hehe
3. Penny girl let me play dress up.  Isn't she adorable with that flower in her hair? 
4. We celebrated my sister-in-laws birthday!
5. I got the most lovely daffodils from a co-worker...in winter.  Yeah, those things are not supposed to bloom until late March!  The weather has been so mild here that all the plants and flowers are confused about when to bloom!  Poor things.

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Happy Weekend!!! I'm hoping to get some DIY projects done... yay!


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