10 February 2012


Whose glad it's Friday???   MEEE!! I am so excited for the weekend...I am starting it off by going to see The Vow with my sis and mother-in-law!!  

Here's my week via Insta-gram- Come on over to Life Rearranged to join the fun!

1.  I made some delicious cinnamon bread in my bread maker...it was divine, but decided to explode just a little in the machine.  ha! 

2. So I may or may not have eaten the whole box of these babies.  It's true...don't judge. You know you've done it too.
I'm so glad these are only available once a year because I would be as big as a house if they sold them year round.   True Story. 
3.  Huey cat decided he wanted to be a cutie...  (and I think he accomplished it..)  awwwwww.
4. And this is what he does in his spare time...and his belly can testify to that.
5.  Anyone else think these shoes are FABULOUS?!  And they were onlt $30 at Marshalls.  I was trying to think of a reason to get them..but decided to be a good girl and exercise self control.
6. This is when I really knew hubby loved me... he let me try out some nail polish at Target because my nails were already painted.  Now that's true love. ;)
7. Would you just look at that spoiled cat.  There are no words.
Have a HAPPY weekend!!!!   Yay for FRIDAY!

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