01 February 2012

DIY Canvas

I found this on Pinterest the other day and thought to myself, WHY?!?! WHY have I not done this before?

It's such an easy project and I love the way it turned out....not to mention, the amount of money I saved!

The total cost for this project: $2.98! 

I know this is all over Pinterest but I will still share how I did it for those of you who don't have a Pinterest account (bless your heart, get one soon!) ;) 

1.  Go to Staples and have them make a copy of any photo.  I got an 11X17 color copy made for 98 cents.  Then go buy a canvas.  Mine is from Michaels for $2.  On clearance...thank you!

2.  Cut your photo down to match your canvas. I don't think they make canvases in 11X17 (at least not at Michaels)  so I just cut down the photo by 1.5 inches on each side.

3. Mod podge the canvas with a foam brush.  Just glop it on there until the whole canvas is covered. 
Carefully place the photo on top of the canvas.  Press out any bubbles made sure the whole photo is adhered to the canvas.

You can see on the bottom that I don't have very good cutting skills...it's party because i'm left handed..and it's always been hard for me to cut. hehe!  But don't worry about that, because you will paint the edges black.

4.  I chose not to mod podge the front of the photo because I liked the way it looked.. I may change my mind later on if I feel like I want more protection of the photo but for now I didn't cover it with mod podge.

See how the edges are white?  Just get some black paint and paint around the edges.  I also put a thin line on the front of the canvas as well.  I just painted right over the edge of the photo.

And your'e done!!

It's seriously that easy.

And i love it!!!

I want to make like 54 more.  Maybe I will. 

For $2.98...I can justify it a little. ;)  I mean the place that you actually order them from can range from $40-$70!  Sheesh!

If you make one, let me know how it turns out!




  1. Love this! I'm totally going to have to do this over the weekend! Been dying for something to put above our bed!

  2. That is amazing! I always see this project on pinterest but I have never seen how one turns out IRL. I love it and it does seem as easy as they make it out to be. I will definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. how cute! I might have to try this.