10 January 2012

this post is not that interesting.

So..last Wednesday through Sunday, I flew down to Texas to visit my best friend's new baby girl and to have one last dentist appt for a root canal I had a while ago (my uncle is a dentist). 

Here's a few photos from my time there...they are mostly of my cats and dog from home and a couple of Brinkli (my besties new baby)...I didn't take a whole lot of photos but I had a little laugh at the ones I did take.

Have a look:

 I was trying out my new lens that hubby got me for Christmas..and the only subjects I had were felines... ;)
 The second photo above of Mr. Wilson, my dad's dog, was of him yawning..how funny, right?!

And here is Holli and Brinkli! She is PRECIOUS!
I loved getting to spend time with Holli and Brinkli.  I also got to see my grandmother and some other family.  Then on the way back my flight was cancelled due to fog...HOW FRUSTRATING.

So..I ended up getting home 5 hours late at 1:30 in the morning.  Not fun...I always have bad luck when I fly.

-Anyone else still trying to adjust to the year 2012?!?  I don't know why, but I can't believe it's January.  I just got around to putting away my Christmas decor last week..and I still have a few things left to put up (my wreath, the outside Christmas lights, and a couple odds and ends..)  and now I guess it's time to decorate for Valentine's day!? 

-I am also trying to decorate my mantle since all the Christmas decor is gone..and it has me stumped.. hopefully I'll have something good to share soon.

- I am making red velvet doughnuts tonight...my sis-in-law bought me a doughnut maker for Christmas..how cool, right?  Can't wait to try it. 

-  My mom is coming to visit for a few days-we are planning to tackle a few projects around the house, including the Pallets I picked up a month ago, some organizing, and some more pinterest projects! I just love projects with my momma!

-Hubby started his second semester of law school yesterday..sigh...he is back to being buring in his books. 

-It was almost 70 degrees today.  In January.  what the heck?!  I love it though...i will not complain.

I told you this post was not interesting... Let's hope I can post a good review of the red velvet doughnuts i'm making in a bit!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I have subscribed to your posts for a while, but somehow just noticed that your husband is in law school. I'm in my last and final year at Stetson Law in Florida, but I wanted to take a minute to drop you/your husband a note of encouragement. It DOES actually get better! Everyone says the first year is the hardest, and it's totally true...it only goes up from here. And from your end as a spouse, the same is true. I think my husband would vouch for that as well - those first semesters (when we were also planning our wedding) were the hardest by far. So, because I have been there, and because my breaks never seem quite long enough for us either, chin up and best wishes for a good semester! To both of you...because as you know, it takes two to make it through :)

  2. Beautiful and adorable photos!! I liked the name of your post too--so funny--excited to hear about those dounuts! I just started blogging on here, but when I have more time I would love to know how you set up your page like this--it's just lovely!! Okay have fun in the kitchen! Later :)

  3. What kind of lens did you get? Will you do a post about it? I'm looking at getting a new/fun lens with tax money.