27 January 2012


Good Morning, lovelies!!  I am off to work in about 2 minutes so I gotta make this quick!!  I love participating in Insta-Friday because it's a good recap of my week via my Iphone and a great way to document the little things that make me happy!

First off, I don't think I've ever been more excited to find these shoes at the thrift store....and the price tag?  $795?  Nope!  Just $7.   SCORE!
My mom, hubby and I also went to our favorite sweet treats place.  Goodberries- it's a local custard joint.  And it's heavenly.
Hi, Mom!! 
We spent a lot of our time doing projects..and I loved it! It was cold outside this day, so what did we do?  Brought our project inside..ha!
And here's the finished product! A DIY pallet shelf. I'm in love.
 It's also great when mom comes to visit because I get lots of meals cooked for me! This one was my all-time favorite.  Deer meat! YUMMO!
THis is completely random, but has anyone ever heard of Target Greatland? I didn't know it existed until I drove past it and had to stop..naturally.  It's a Target. and I did HAVE to stop. ;)
And lastly, one of the more exicting parts to my week:  We found a mouse in our bedroom.  My cat caught him...isn't that lovely?  (But I do think he is cute!)
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  1. I can't believe you found those shoes for $7!!! what a deal!!! great find =)

    I love the pallet shelf you made - it looks wonderful =)

    Happy Friday!

  2. You found Loubs at a Thrift Store? I officially HATE You! :) I've been saving for a pair for YEARS!

  3. OMG, $7.00? What a find!! Man even if they don't fit you can probably sell them for hundreds on E-Bay!!

  4. Wow I am so jealous of your $7 shoes!
    Also, what a cute little mouse! Poor wee mouse - I hope you let him go. :(