06 January 2012


Hello from Texas!

  Let me just tell you, newborn babies are the sweetest thing on the planet.  My best friend has such a precious baby girl...kind of makes me want one soon.  BUT, don't worry hubby...it's not our time (yet!) hehe.. ;)  

So it's time for Insta-Friday!  Be sure to join the fun here!

 life rearranged

I finally got around to putting away all of the Christmas decorations...
it's not near as fun as taking them out. :(
Before we took down the decorations, we took a family photo..it's our first one (with all of our critters)
It's also been WAY to long since I've cleaned out my car...and I was embarrassed by the amount of stuff I had in there. Geez!  A casserole dish? A newspaper from November?  I don't even want to share what was in the big bag. Probably a small human or something...

We celebrated the marriage of our dear friends, Amy and Jared on December 30 and it was so wonderful to see my college gals!

Happy Friday!!! 


  1. babies are the sweetest most beautiful thing in the world. my sister & BIL had their baby yesterday and i am already so in love with him.

    love your new blog layout and header, super cute.

  2. I am a new follower ;) Your blog is soo cute!!