29 January 2012

Did you know?

The more time I spend on Pinterest, the more I realize how much stuff I DON'T know...

See below:

Put your iphone in a bowl and the music will amplify! (Yes, I tried it, and yes it does work)

They make ONION GOGGLES so you won't cry when cutting them...excuse me?  Where have I been?

Put ice cubs on carpet indentations, let them melt, and then  fluff up the area with a spoon.  Seriously?  I used to try to vacuum over them, and it still didn't help. 

Everynight when I am in bed about to close my eyes, I forget to plug in my darn phone.  No charge means no alarm...NOT GOOD.  So then I have to get out of bed, and find the end of my darn phone charger...and it puts me in  a horrible mood because who likes to get out of bed once you've just gotten into the warm sheets?   now my life is changed because I have a clip that holds it on my nightstand! GENIUS!

Here is the solution to finding 134985 bobby pins in the carpet, in the sink, on the counter, under the rug...a tic tac container.

Don't you feel so much more civilized and important now that you know these awesome tips?  ;)

I sure do.

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