20 January 2012

Cat Lover.

I have been a cat lover since I was born, really.  I got my first kitten on my first day of kindergarten and I named her Princess (go figure).

 (Our lovely felines, Claire and Huey.)

Ever since then, I have always had a cat.  I love them. 

A friend showed me this video and I had to share.  It's SO funny and spot on as to how cats really act.



Can any of you cat owners relate to these videos?  They are all so funny!

Happy Friday!


  1. soooo cute! lol I love it! i miss having a kitty, my fiance and I had to get rid of our little rascal when we moved, but we have both been itching to get another one, even though he's a dog person, he got a cat for me and then fell in love with them...lol (well he won't admit it, but it's true!) Anyhoo, very sweet! lol thanks

  2. Oh my goodness I love how your black n white cat looks like she's smiling! They're both adorable! I had never heard of Simon's Cat - what a riot! And YES the way he makes the cats he draws act is so totally what cats do! My first cat adopted me when I was 26, so I missed out on all those years of purrs & headbutts - making up for lost time by volunteering @ a cat shelter & being a Mom to 3 of my own. Thanks for sharing your fur-kids & Simon's Cat as well. Keep up the gr8 work!!