29 January 2012

Cameras and such.

I have gotten a few emails from y'all about what camera lenses I have and what kind of camera I have. 

The funny part about this whole deal is that I have three lenses for my camera, but don't know how to use them all that well.  I know some info about them and I am glad to share, but please know that I am no expert at all...i would really consider myself a beginner when it comes to my camera skills and knowledge.  BUT...here's my loot and I hope it'll help if you're in the market for a new lens or camera. 

1.  I got my Nikon D60 in December of 2008. It costs me around $600 and it came with an 18-55mm Nikkor Lens.  This is a good all around lens.  It's considered a zoom lens from wide-angle to normal.  Wide angle lenses will enable a person to capture alot of information within a contained space (such as, in a room).  It will also make for pleasant architecture photography.  I honestly don't know if they still sell this body style but I have had mine for over three years and still love it.  It works perfectly.

2.   I then purchased a 55-200 MM lens also sometimes called a telephoto lens.  I paid around $200 for this lens and of the three I have, I use this one the least.  Probably because I don't know how to use it! haha!  This is a perfect lens for sport photography or any other type of photography with a subject that is difficult to shot up close, nature included.  Ample light will be needed to capture fast moving objects though because  it does not give you as low of apertures as other lenses.

3.  The last lens that I just got for Christmas (thanks hubby!!)  is  the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G (sometimes called a fixed lens).  This is the perfect lens for portaiture photography.  Being a fixed lens, it allows for a very low aperture setting of f/1.8.  This allows for soft focusing and shallow depth of field.  In other words, this lens can bring emphasis to a subject in the foreground by blurring the background out of focus.  It has faster shutter speeds and in low light situations, you are able to take photos without flash.  The photo on the top of my blog was taken with a lens just like this one.  That's why the blurry background is present.

I love my fixed lens.   Mostly because I take portraits and love the look of the blurred background. 

Maybe one day I will REALLY learn how to use them all, and then I can do a more informative post.  I hope this helps a little though!! 

Nikon in general is my favorite brand of cameras.  It's super user-friendly and lasts a long long time. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!  I will do my best to answer them. 

Until next time,


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