05 December 2011

Our Christmas Mantle!

Happy Monday, y'all!

I've been so excited to share our Christmas mantle this year!  It's been decorated since before Thanksgiving (yes, I am one of those people)!

I decided to go with a more neutral theme and I love the way it turned out.

I guess you can call it "Rustic Country". ;)

 I made the Burlap stockings and just cut out some cardstock for the initial tags. I saw some at Pottery Barn and thought they were so cute. The cute reindeer on the right is from Pier 1 and the stocking holders are from Target.
The greenery is just leftover Christmas tree branches I cut off from the bottom. 

 The hurricanes are filled with snowflake ornaments from Dollar Tree and silver ornaments from Target.

 Got these little reindeer from Goodwill.  They were $4 for both. I am thinking I may spraypaint them silver and cover them in glitter.  Because glitter makes everything better..dontcha think? We will see..
 A few festive Christmas pillows...I am planning on putting all of our Christmas cards on the window.. :)  Christmas cards are one of the best things about the season, if you ask me.
 I made this pillow out of Burlap (can't you tell I love this stuff?) and stamped the word Believe on it.
This one is made from a placemat from Target! $2.00!  I just opened up a little corner with a seam ripper and stuffed it with pillow foam! Easy peasy!  And then there is my sweater pillow in the right corner.  That one cost me less than $2.00.

And there you have it! Our Christmas filled living room.  I love it.  When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is turn on the tree!

It's the best time of the year!




  1. You inspire me! You ooze creativity!

  2. i love your believe pillow and all your ideas are beautifully creative. i love seeing all the christmas things you've made.

  3. Super cute! I love it all. You've got some talent, there!

    Sharon @ mrshinesclass.wordpress.com

  4. Very creative! Love the pillow from a placemat idea!

  5. Hi Kait,

    Your mantel looks so festive -- I love those burlap stockings with the initial tags. What a great idea; very creative. Your tree looks so pretty; I love decorating our Christmas tree. I'm really impressed with the cushions you made. I'd never thought of using a place mat before, and yours turned out great! Thanks for the ideas.

    I'm a North Carolina blogger, too. You're the second NC blogger I've met this week. We're in the Piedmont area of the state. Check out my blog if you get a chance.

    Hope you have a blessed Christmas season!


  6. Gorgeous!! Stopping by from the mantel party-stop by and say hello sometime!

  7. Gosh! It's all so pretty. Your decor looks like it should be in a store - great, great stuff.