01 December 2011


Wow..Friday crept up on me this week! 

Since I started my new job, I've been one busy gal!  I am hoping to be back on schedule with regular posts next week..maybe some Christmas DIY crafts?  A recipe?  Some decor?  Yipee! I can't wait to share!

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Guys, do you have a breadmaker?  If not, put it on your Christmas list!  I picked up one for five bucks at a garage sell and used it for the first time last night.

Let's just say the loaf is now gone...thanks to me, hubby, and my dog! (She took two pieces from the table when hubby went to the restroom!) 

Look what I scored at an antique store while home for Thanksgiving! And old Pepsi-Cola bottle holder (Is that the correct word for that?  I have no idea) I don't really know how I'm going to use it yet, but I am very excited, nontheless!
Does anyone else feel weird about chocolate cinnamon rolls?  I love chocolate..but on cinnamon rolls?  It just feels wrong to have that in the morning. ha!
I started my new job on Tuesday and was excited about wearing real clothes.  So I took a photo.  Don't mind my messy bedroom.
 My best friend is having a sweet baby girl in less than two weeks! I hadn't seen here since she got pregnant and she is so stinkin' cute!  Look at that adorable watermelon in her tummy!

I can't wait to meet Brinkli! I know she is going to be gorgeous!

Someone got some cowboy boots while we were in Texas.  And he is really excited.  He feels like a real Texan now (even if it is just by marriage!)  ;)
Anyone else's house look like this after a big trip across the country? Yeah, this is what ours looked like for two days after returning from Thanksgiving in Texas. 
Had to give my little pup a bath...she thought it would be fun to roll around in the MUD after it rained.  She doesn't look dirty, but by gollee, she was.
And there's the hubby again, proud as a little boy who lost his first tooth.
Adding Hershey's kisses to hot chocolate makes it taste so much yummier.  And i'm the snob who only like hot chocolate with milk.  Water will not do.  Unless i'm desperate...anyone else out there understand me?
And a couple Christmas photos...
Ahh..i love Christmas.



  1. your tree looks beautiful. that wooden sign you created is just amazing!...cant wait to see what that pepsi holder gets turned into.

  2. LOvely~ I love your mrs and mr pillows!!

  3. Yes, my room always looks frightening after returning from a trip - even just a weekend one. I don't like packing or unpacking one bit.

    Love the Christmas decor photos, we still have to put up our tree. Can't wait!

  4. Yay for cowboy boot!! Your tree is very pretty!