07 November 2011

White is the new black.

Happy Monday!  I hope y'all had a great weekend! 

Ours was wonderful over here-I did a couple projects, hubby studied, and we enjoyed our Sunday with family.

Here's a project that I tackled over the weekend: 

I was itching to paint some furniture...so I walked around the house trying to find something to re-do.  (Yes, it's true!)  

I came into our bedroom and thought "I could repaint our nightstands!"

So I did.


When we got these, we had a black dresser to match them, and now we don't have it anymore.  

So, I wanted them to match our headboard.

Here they are in all their black beauty:

And here they are after a can of one of my favorite colors of spray paint:  Rustoleum Heirloom White.
i like them must better now! It matches our bed wonderfully.  What do you think?

 All I did was spray the nightstands, let dry and then distressed a little with some sandpaper. Such an easy way to give furniture that old, weathered look.  LOVE IT!

Now I'm itching to find a greenish blue color to spray my lamps...would that be too matchy-matchy?  Hmm.... or maybe a pop of color..yellow?  Gray?...decisions, decisions...


  1. I really like the change of colour for the nightstand. At first I couldn't see what was different. Probably because at first you couldn't see the black night stands. I wouldn't spray paint the lamps. I think it would cause them to blend in and disappear. I think they look wonderful now. and stand out. where as before they diseapeared into the black night stands. Your room is pretty btw :D

  2. I agree. I couldn't see the difference at first either. Like those games where you have to find the differences. I wouldn't paint them white because they would disappear but you could definitely do them a different color. Very cute! Loved the distressing!

  3. I like the nightstands....in white. Not sure what I would do with the lamps...not white for sure. Those "Mr. & Mrs." pillows would make a great Christmas gift-for me!

  4. I love the nightstands! It took me a minute to find the difference. I think the lampshades would look great with a pop of color. What about the blue-y color of your pillow? I say this because it's not my house! I'm not so quick to change things in my own home. :) It looks great though--the tables look amazing!