04 November 2011

Insta-Friday {things I love}

Happy Friday, y'all!!! 


Things I love {via Instagram}:

*My sweet puppy*
*Frozen yogurt with my hubby*
(We sat in our car and ate it because no one was inside the store..and there was no music. Awkward)
*Organizing my desk.  It was pitifully messy.*
*Mini pumpkin pies*
* $13 flats from Marshalls*
*Lazy cat playing with his favorite toy: my hair bands*
*Pumpkin custard with chocolate chips*
*DIY sweater boot socks* Go here for a mini-tutorial!
*Cupcake Wine. It's SO delicous.  One of my favorite brands.*
* DIY scarf embellishments* 
* Flannel sheets.  I promise these things are straight from heaven.*

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Have a HAPPY weekend!!

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  1. love this fun post! I absolutely LOVE that headboard! So chic!