27 October 2011

Weekend To-Do List

I don't know about you, but I've been super busy around these parts.  When I get home from work, I am so exhausted that all I want to do is sleep...I've just got a lot on my mind lately and that is draining me!  I will share more details once they are more concrete, but until then I will share my to-do list for the weekend.

First of all, I am watching the Rangers play right now!  Hopefully they'll take the title tonight-let's hope so!

I haven't done a DIY or craft project in the longest time. I seriously think that is some of the reason I've been so down and gloomy! It's my outlet of creativitiy and my passion.  I need to get with the program.


here's my weekend to-do list:

1. Make boot socks!

2. Pumpkin Fro-Yo! Yes Please!

3. Ruffle Scarf

4. Make a new headband or two.

Source: None via Kaitlin on Pinterest

5. Carve Pumpkins

Here is a photo of some pumpkins Seth and I carved three years ago!

6. Enjoy time with my husband.  I live for the weekends now that hubby is in law school because we actually get to spend quality time together on Saturday and Sunday. 

7. Reorganize my fabric! I have it stuffed in my desk drawer now and I'm hoping by the end of the weekend, it'll look like this:

Do YOU have plans for the weekend?  

Also stay tuned for a  great fall recipe coming up really soon!  You're not going to want to miss it!


1 comment:

  1. Your to do list looks great! Love the socks with the boots, although I haven't tried the look yet. And Pumpkin Fro-You sounds delicious! = )

    I'm also hoping to do some crafty stuff this weekend, although I'm not exactly sure what yet! Also, would like to get some baking &/or cooking in! = ) Have a great weekend!