31 October 2011

Our weekend and a new scarf.

Happy Monday everyone!

I am already looking forward to Friday..sad, isn't it?

This past weekend we had a nice relaxing time.  Friday night we went and did a little shopping and then watched the last world series game.  Sad day, the Rangers lost.

Then on Saturday we went and had lunch with hubby's parents at Cafe Carolina.  Man, that place was great.  And I love spending time with family.

I'm SO lucky to have such great in-laws. Love them!

And Saturday afternoon I got to work and did some crafting! Man, it felt good to get back into the groove.  I hadn't crafted in several weeks and I was dying to do a project.

Here's my latest project:

DIY Infinity Scarf

I got this fabric from JoAnn's fabric store for less than $2!

 {I needed some lip gloss!}
It's super easy to make and it really does keep my neck warm!  Maybe I'll post a tutorial for the next one I make...I couldn't find my measuring tape so I just eyeballed it for this project..but I think it may be smart to actually measure it for next time.

Love the way it turned out though!

I also made a few felt flower pins for my scarves.   And could probably make a million more in every color because i love them so much.

So..if you are my real life friend and want to know what you're getting for Christmas,  SURPRISE!  :)

I also did a couple projects with a Goodwill sweater I picked up over the weekend..I'll share those tomorrow!! Can't wait- I love them too!

How was your weekend?


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