16 October 2011

Fried everything.

We made a trip to the NC state fair yesterday evening.  
i couldn't believe some of the things I saw! 

(All these photos were taken with my iphone so it won't be the best quality.  I hardly ever take my big camera places because my phone is so convienient now!)

and I had a little bite...
it was actually not as horrible as I thought it was going to be. 
Of course, he LOVEd it.

Yes. It is two krispy kreme doughnuts, with tomatoes, bacon, cheese, a burger patty, and pickles.   
Ever heard of it?
My sis in law had a frozen chocolate dipped nut covered banana. and it was delicious!
(In case you haven't caught on by now, I took a bite of everyone's food.. hehe)
The roasted corn was quite yummy to! 
Of course they dipped it in a crockpot full of butter before they handed it to you..so all my hopes of it being healthy went down the drain.
And of course we saw several people holding oversized stuff animals. 
Didn't really want to bring one of those home for myself this time.
Anyone care for deep fried mac and cheese?
deep fried ho ho's?
deep fried cheesecake?
deep fried snickers?
deep fried kool aid?
deep fried oreos?
WOW.  I couldn't believe all the things they were selling.

And guess what I found?  
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. 
and it was pretty much indcredible.
So pumpkiny, sugary, and of course...fried.

So yes, we don't go to the fair to ride the roller coasters.  
We go for the food.

even if it's extremely overpriced and probably not the best quality.

It's the fair!  

Are YOU planning on going?

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