10 October 2011

This past Saturday, hubby and I woke up early for a daytrip to the beach. We had such a wonderful time.

The morning started out with a great cup of Dunkin' Donuts' coffee.  I've never had their coffee before and it was delicous! I am proud to say I am an official coffee drinker.  (As of Saturday. That was my first cup I've ever bought!)

Here we are on our way to the beach!
We stopped at a cupcake shop and I got a pumpkin cupcake. {Don't tell, but I liked my version better!}
We then ate lunch at a cute little cafe downtown.  Grilled chicken burger with avocado and sweet potato fries=YUM!

After our trip to the beach, I saw this adorable little vintage antique store that I begged hubby to stop at. I am so glad we did-they had so many great trinkets and treasures.  I love looking at places like these.
Isn't that tourquoise table gorgeous?!
I just loved this buffet.  It was around $500...but I still loved it. :)

That coffee table looked almost exacly like th one I redid! (Click here to see it)  Mine costs $20..theirs was $200!
And lastly, to end our beautiful day..a breathtaking sunset.  It was one of the most beautiful ones I've EVER seen.  (The photo was taken on my phone..so the quality was not the best)
It was such a great weekend..i'm so thankful for opportunities like that to enjoy God' creation and take a step back from the business of our lives to enjoy the splendor and simplicity of the beach.

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  1. A day at the beach is great! Im glad you had fun :) DD coffee is the best!!!