07 October 2011


Here's my week in review via Instagram!!

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Remember how last week I told you the pumpkin spice doughnut from Krispy Kreme was coming out?  The day it came out, hubby and I went and got one. or two.  

It was DIVINE.
Say hello to a very lazy, spoiled and fat cat.
My bestie( she was my MOH in my wedding) turned 24 this past weekend! We celebrated her last weeke
I had to work last Saturday and I left hubby some chores. 
Surprisingly, he did them all!  (I only helped with one or two!)
In case I haven't convinced you to go to Krispy Kreme....here's another chance.  GO!
i love these boots I got from Marshalls last week. They were only $40!  That is a really great price for tall boots. And i love the red zipper!
I know you are more than likely getting sick of pupmkin this and pumpkin that, but don't worry: only a few more months of this and then it'll be Christmas!  ;)  Has anyone tried the pumpkin spice coffee?  I want to, but was scared to waste $10 if I didn't like it.
Penny and I went to our favorite spot again this week.  The lake-i love going at sunset so I can watch the glorious colors set over the water. I listened to a sermon while letting Penny swim.  It was an amazing relaxing time after a long day at work.
And lastly, I gave hubby a step by step instruction sheet on how to make spaqhetti on Monday night. I worked until 10pm so he was on his own for dinner. When I came home, the spaghetti was indeed made! I was so proud. :)  (I may or may not have already cooked the beef beforehand..hehehe..i like to help him out in any way I can!)

Praise the Lord, it's the weekend!!!

We are spending the day Saturday at the BEACH.


Happy Friday, y'all!!!


  1. Hi! I'm visiting from the link up!

    I love the instructions for the spaghetti! I went out of town for 2 weeks this summer and I packed my husband all his snacks in labeled bags for every day of the week. God Bless those men we love!

  2. great photos and i love your new boots. enjoy your weekend at the beach.

    here's my entry

  3. amen about the weekend! tht is FO SHO! i like all the honey do stuff, i have been married five months and i am still learning to ask him to do things instead of doing it all myself! haha love this post. happy friday.

  4. Happy Friday! I saw those boots at our Marshall's here in Florida too. So cute, I need to go back and see if they're still there or not. :)

  5. I LOVE the boots! AMAZING, I can't wait to wear mine!
    The coffee looks good, I am such a fan of pumpkin spice!

  6. I had the pumpkin spice donut this week. For real. Best. Thing. EVER!