07 September 2011

What I wore wednesday

Well guys, here it is: my first outfit post.  I want to show everyone what I scooped up at my Goodwill trip earlier, so I took a few photos (or hubby did) of myself in the outfits.

To be honest, I really don't like the way I look in any of them, but that's okay.  I had just gotten home from 9 hours at work and so I don't look bright eyed and bushy tailed. haha!

 {Striped shirt: Ann Taylor LOFT $2 at Goodwill,  Khaki jacket: Kohl's $4 at Goodwill, Jeans: Levi $4 at Goodwill, Necklace: $2 clearance from NY& Company, Shoes: Minnetonka Moccasins $4 at Goodwill}

Total cost: $16

Outfit #2...

hubby says it's way too "patriotic" but I didn't really feel like changing clothes anymore, so I combined the rest of the clothes I bought into one outfit. Ha!

{ Red "jacket": Forever 21 $4 at Goodwill,  White shirt: LOFT $2 at Goodwill, Polka dot skirt: NY&Company $3 at Goodwill, Shoes: can't remember the price from DSW}

Total cost(minus the shoes): $9

And there you go! I got 2 shirts, a pair of shoes, 2 jackets, a pair of jeans, and a skirt all for $23.


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  1. I love both outfits! You're so cute, and those are great deals!