16 September 2011


Happy Friday, everyone!!

Goodness gracious, this weather.  It is INCREDIBLE! The high here is 61 degrees today and when I got to work at 6am this morning, I was cold!  I hope it sticks around!

I love fall.

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Meet Huey.  
One of my LAZY cats..it amazes me that he actually COMES to me when I call him.  Just like a dog.  And he lays like this all day long.  I have never known any other cat to lay on their back like that...he's crazy!
 Meet Penny.
  Seth thought she would like it if he treated her like  a lap dog...clearly, she didn't like it that much.  She looks scared and uncomfortable.

 You won't believe me when I tell you, this was my third cup of coffee in my ENTIRE life.  But it was.  I am slowly teaching myself to like coffee.  Why?  
1) It makes me look cool.
2) I can actually go into Starbucks and order something other than hot chocolate or water
3) I have a Keurig that I got from Goodwill and want to use it
4) I just want to like coffee.

I think those are pretty good reasons.  But in case you are wondering, I like it.  And I put three hazelnut creams and two splendas in each cup.  Maybe someday I will learn to use less...

 O.M.G this pumpkin pound cake was delicious. 
I had to wrap it up in foil so I would quit eating a piece everytime I walked by it. Seriously.  
Want the recipe? 
I'll be posting it SOON!
 We had a nice little picnic after church on Sunday and we enjoyed ourselves so very much.  We took Penny and let her swim around in the lake and the weather was incredible.  A picnic is one of my favorite things in the world.

{us on the picnic}

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!! We have some fun plans that include dinner with hubby's family, going to a Greek festival tomorrow, and church here on Sunday!

Can't wait to share this awesome experience with y'all.



  1. Funny post! Your dog Penny looks super hilarious in your hubby's lap! hee hee

  2. Haha. Good luck with the coffee, gotta get to black! Try TJ's dark or Aldi donut shop :)

  3. Hey Lady! I am looking for some guest bloggers for October to share fun Halloween crafts and recipes. What do you think? Want to join in the fun?